Bring on the new year!

I think back about what really stood out for me in 2007 and it is really tough to pick anything specific. Family wise, it was a good year with more settling into the area. I think between my kids' sports, and projects around the house, it has kept us all very busy. We put a shed in the backyard this year ? yeah, woo hoo ? I know, we family men have such high expectations. I finished my new office in the basement ? a 16×14 room with a pretty large closet. The fish tank is also up-and-running again with two new oscars ? that should be fun. My office mate, Larry, is more vocal than ever ? he keeps me laughing.

Professionally it was a great year. The blog has gotten a lot of traffic and many good ideas and emails have been coming in ? thank you. My Google AdSense has almost reached $20, so if you think about it – click an ad or two on the side. 🙂 It only feels like yesterday we shipped Notes 8.0 and now 8.0.1 is almost out the door. Lotus Expeditor has made some amazing ground as a standalone product and now that it sits under such great products as Lotus Notes and Sametime I am sure we will continue to see good things.

A new year for me always brings a new Lotusphere. I am really excited about Lotusphere and cannot wait to see what the business partners bring to the table.

As for new years resolution – I want to say I will get in shape, lose weight, read more books, etc but this year I just want to be a better family man and a better software engineer – hopefully both.

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