Lotus Traveler and the HTC Mogul

As promised,here is the new phone that I got for Christmas. The only thing I can say after using it for a week is “I love it”. Having Lotus Notes Email, Calendar, Contacts and a 4 GB chip for my music makes this my all-in-one device. So far – because I have been using it pretty much all day – the battery seems to be lasting as advertised – around 5-6 hours. I love the fact you can charge it using the USB port on your laptop or computer. The application memory seems a little small and you really can not run more than a few applications at once. It has locked up a couple of times but just restarting fixes it – which it usually locks up because of network activity or connections going down. The good news is you can completely customize the power and communication settings. So to stop warnings, messages and power consumption I use the hardware radio toggle button to turn off all blue-tooth and wireless activity. I love the pull out keyboard – I find it very easy to type and find the right keys. Mixing the keyboard with the touchscreen makes for pretty flexible input.

What amazes me still is how many unsecured wireless access points there are around town – some intentional and some not.

Lastly, I love the fact I can use any of my music as ring tones. This sounds like a trivial feature but it is amazing how many phones make you pay for them.

Back to Lotus Traveler – while the calendar and email are great. I truly love the fact that my contacts are managed in Notes. If something goes awry you can just delete all and just re-synchronize with the server – fortunately I have not had to do any of that yet.

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