IBM Lotus Notes Traveler

I don't often talk so positively about a product with only a few days using it but I had to write about the Lotus Notes Traveler. For the first time ever (for me at least) I have a phone that is 100% my PDA and phone (more about the phone later). Two days ago I installed the Lotus Notes Traveler and now have my corporate email, contacts, journal, and tasks all on the device and synchronizing with my server. The great part is, I have had my contacts for almost 11 years in Lotus Notes. Email, phone, addresses, etc. and now it is all on my PDA and I can use it to email and make phone calls. No more typing that stuff into each new phone or duplicating the stuff in several places. This is awesome!

My phone supports blue tooth, wifi, and of course over the providers phone network. So having things like Sametime and Notes mail on it is great!

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