Holland Farms on The Office

In the last “The Office” the crew went up to the Utica Office and pulled some of their crazy antics. Utica is a neighboring city to my town and one thing with this area is clear – Holland Farms is the best bakery around. My cousin says it has the best coffee in town and he says the slogan is “the town runs on Holland Farms coffee”. I tell him I am a Dunkin Donuts coffee fan and that the world runs on Dunkins. Anyway, there is a box of Holland Farms donuts on the receptionists desk, way cool! Holland Farms is actually in the Village of Yorkville which is in the town of Whitestown. I grew up near the actual farm where the cows were raised, we would go there on Saturday's and pick up a gallon of milk and drop the money in a bucket. It was the honor system – I don't think they do that any more.

See below, of course you can not read it, but trust me, it is Holland Farms – the entire area sent in all sorts of “things from Utica” to the show. I heard they were flooded with stuff.

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