Welcome to Chuck part II

From the last entry I realized I should have actually introduced Chuck!

Chuck has been a system level developer for many years writing to Lotus technologies in many laguages (C, C++, Java, LotusScript, and all web related languages). Chuck joined IBM (actually Iris Associates about seven years ago) and worked with me at Key Bank prior to that. Chuck currently works on the Lotus Expeditor team and is the primary developer for the Composite Application Infrastructure. He brings a wealth of experience and diversity to the blog and I look forward to seeing his activity here.


Welcome to Chuck Imperato

I would like to welcome Chuck Imperato to balfes.net as an additional author. We should see some good content from Chuck.


Idea Jam is a great site

Ideajam is a pretty cool looking site and it excels functionally just the same. The integration of Notes and JavaScript is excellent. What I like most is the charting UI under the statistics page – if you want cool charts and graphs get with Mark Barton as indicated at the bottom of the page.

My only suggestion is that if I vote and I am not logged in it should go to the login page however after I logged in my vote should be retained. currently it just sends me back to the page and I have to find the entry and vote again.

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Idea Jam: Better multithreading support in the client

I just voted on this and made some general comments. I figured I would post any ideas I vote for on my site.



BIRT Sample Composite Application

I am not sure why I did not think to advertise this but there is a BIRT sample composite application posted on the Lotus Sandbox.

You can access the sample here.

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Best way to represent a Notes Document as JSON?

I have been playing around with getting a JSON representation of a Notes Document (its data, not the Java class) and I am not sure how to write RichText fields to the JSON. Honestly, I am not even sure if it is worth doing it because I originally just wanted access to general data in the document from places like SWT views and local Portlets. But I would like to know if there is a method of putting the RichText into JSON and then having a component recreate the RichText on the other end? I currently use the “getMIMEEntity().getContentAsText()” but that does not seem to handle all of the character cases.

So I thought I would post a question to everyone, how would you do it using the Notes Java API's?

//Code from my conversion job

// Create the notes session
Session session = NotesFactory.createSessionWithFullAccess();
Database db = getDatabase(url, session);

if (db == null) return Status.OK_STATUS;

//Construct our JSON object
JSONObject jObj = new JSONObject();

Document doc = getDocument(db, url, session);

if (doc == null) return Status.OK_STATUS;

Vector v = doc.getItems();
Iterator iter = v.iterator();

//Fill in the JSON object
Item i = (Item)iter.next();

if (i instanceof RichTextItem){
RichTextItem rt = (RichTextItem)i;
jObj.put(i.getName(), rt.getMIMEEntity().getContentAsText());
jObj.put(i.getName(), i.getText());

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LotusUserGroup.org 2008 blogger awards

Read this over on Ed's site. It has been my life long passion to win this award so if you like this site, please vote!