Amazingly inaccurate “Elements of Collaboration” table

I saw a blog entry by Bjorn Freeman-Benson where he mentions Eclipse being #64 on this periodic table representing collaboration software. I have not heard of Mindquarry or of Lars Trieloff but they are seriously missing the boat if Lotus Notes or Sametime are not mentioned in this table. I would say the table is MS centric but why would they have things like GIMP or Safari on there and not one Lotus Product? And then it mentions OpenOffice in one block while splitting out the MS products in their own – interesting. Lastly, he mentions no products in the eMeeting space like Netmeeting or Sametime! Probably two of the most widely used “collaboration” software packages in enterprises.

I then probed the rest of his site to see if this table was meant for “his” employees but I could not find such proof.

In short, I think it is funny that this is represented as some kind of “periodic table” for collaboration when its missing the most important elements.

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