Adding right click options to your Notes 8 mail box entries with Eclipse

I was asked how you can add actions to the right click menu of the document entries in the Notes 8 inbox. Playing around with Notes 8 and some selection debugging output I was able to figure out the classes used for the views selection, on the surface it is ( which is an internal class implementation of ( Unfortunately, in the Notes 8.0 time-frame, none of these interfaces are public which means it is subject to change.

Like all Eclipse applications, you can add a menu option to any view selection with the “org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus” extension point.

Now, when you right click on an email in your inbox you will see your new action. This one being “Dump Document Properties”. Here is a screen shot for that menu:

I have provided some free code that shows how simple this is. Of course the code is “As is”. I provided the plugin code and an update site in the this zip file.

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