Using Property Broker for non visual components

The Expeditor property broker can not only be used for visual components but for non-visual components that are not tied to any UI.

The sample I created has two COMMAND based actions, one action in each plugin. There are three plugins:

com.acme.componentA – Provides an OSGI console command to publish text
com.acme.componentB – Provides an action that can receive text
com.acme.wire – Wires the two components together

Once you install the update site you will then get a new OSGI console command in your Notes or Expeditor client. To get at this console you will need to pass in “-console” to the process.

The command is “capub “. It stands for “Component A Publish”.

Here is a snapshot of the console with the plugins in action:

osgi> capub testing
ComponentA Published (testing)

Component B received: testing

The zip file contains all of the source, the workspace plugins, a feature and an installable update site. Download the zip file here.

*The zip file and all of its contents are provided as is. I can answer questions here on my blog but any problems encountered using or viewing the code or runtime is your own fault.

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