The Last King of Scotland

I watched this movie over the weekend, and while the movie was very entertaining, I was somewhat dismayed when I learned (while watching the DVD extras) that 50% of the movie was bogus. The author mixed a real world character (and events) with a completely fictional character and story. And what was amazing was how accurate many of the events were and how the author played his “story” into it.

What makes me mad is I did not know any of the movie was fiction. I thought it was all true (while watching it) and up to picking it.


Property Broker Monitor and Topology Peek tools now posted on Lotus Sandbox

What started out as being internal tools to help me and Chuck test our areas of Composite Applications (CA) ended up being some really nice tools to help debug the declarative apps at runtime for development. The tools are now used by many internal developers to see what is going on at runtime, in the CA cache, and the property broker registry. I look at this as the old “Iris” way of doing things.

I packaged the tools as an NSF update site with some basic help. This means you simply copy the NSF to your data directory and open it, the Eclipse plug-ins are automatically installed – you restart, and you are ready to go! Of course the tools are “as is” but I am willing to answer any questions or look at problems if you need help.

I also have a posting going on the CA blog in the morning to announce it.

You can download the tools for Lotus Notes 8 here.

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Want to learn about Web 2.0?

Join this IBM sponsored briefing in Second Life.

Intended audience:
Primarily developers but also IT directors and administrators who would like a better understanding of what is needed to make Web 2.0 real for business.

Tutorial: Building Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes 8 Beta 3

A new tutorial was posted to the Lotus Sandbox last week.

Following this tutorial, build the sample Customer Interests composite application with IBM Lotus Notes 8 and IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8 Beta 3.

The tutorial can be downloaded here.

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The Pursuit of Happyness

If you think you are having a tough time, watch this movie. It is basically an hour and half of amazing perseverance and 10 minutes of happiness.

Where are all of these Eclipse preferences stored?

Did you ever wonder where the preferences for Eclipse based applications are stored? Well, wonder no more!

Locate your workspace directory for Lotus Notes 8, it will be under the data directory in a directory named “workspace”. In Expeditor, the default is under the current users Home directory under “Application DataLotusXPD”.

Here is the path from there:

Each file in that directory is the preference store for the plugin name. Here is an example list of files from my Notes 8 .settings directory:

06/04/2007  01:33 PM                97
06/04/2007  01:34 PM                85
06/04/2007  01:34 PM             1,304
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               113
06/04/2007  01:33 PM                93
06/04/2007  01:33 PM               242
06/04/2007  02:23 PM               111
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               107
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               336
06/04/2007  01:34 PM                88
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               179
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               124
06/04/2007  02:06 PM                81
06/04/2007  01:34 PM                90
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               134
06/04/2007  01:34 PM                76
06/04/2007  01:33 PM                98
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               308
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               365 CompositeApp.prefs
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               126 Mail.prefs
06/05/2007  09:40 AM            18,222 org.eclipse.ui.workbench.prefs
06/04/2007  01:34 PM               693 theme.prefs

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