Notes 8, milestone 5 is looking very nice…

I have been using the M4 build as my home email so I have a good example of “what is out there” in the field. I use the daily milestone 5 for my work email – yes I upgrade 2-3 times a week and bear through the issues. I am a huge advocate of “eat your own dogfood”. Ok, enough of the introduction – I am so impressed with the M5 quality with compared to M4 – and I thought M4 was ok. M4 had a lot of little issues and most them have been taken care of in M5. The two major things I have noticed are the better context selection, less screen flicker and a ton of performance enhancements. The application is extremely snappy and is getting very close to Notes 7 performance. Of course I have some beefy machines – but don't we all? 🙂

Lot's of good articles, samples and help will be coming out in the M5 time-frame. Stay tuned!

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