Backyard trick wins Yankee game

I guess the Yanks have to do whatever is needed in order to win games lately. Winning by only 1 run in the top of the ninth inning last night there was a popup – very high fly ball – between shortstop and third base. Arod rounds second, runs in front of the short stop and behind the third baseman and yells “I got it”. The third baseman and shortstop both pull away and the ball drops to the ground. CLASSIC!

That by the way put the Yanks up by yet another run with two outs left and the Yanks go on to score two more runs after that. The sad thing is this was Scott Downs first appearance in the big leagues as a pitcher.


Inkless printers

How cool is this? Many times I just want something printed for immediate reading somewhere else besides my desk – maybe the crapper or something. This paper is printed on using UV rays – the paper slowly goes back to all white around 24 hours later.

This new kind of paper absorbs characters superimposed upon it by U.V. source printers for up to 24 hours, at which point the paper will begin its regression back to blank. So far, the paper can be recycled fifty times before it?s superannuated.

It is all about the data

As a side project I have been looking to see how Lotus Expeditor can “fit” into the Web 2.0 space. Web 2.0 is really all about the data – the data is the most important part of any Web 2.0 application and what makes the data special is the fact that many people supply it at their own will. As you know I am a huge fan of Google Reader and use it as my primary reader for RSS feeds. I recently created a Yahoo Pipe to get a listing of any blog entry (spanning about 5 sites) that mention “Expeditor”. While I find the pipe model very cool with its ability to add logic and filtering, it is limiting in that the data may not grow like other services like Digg or Technorati. The problem is I have to update the Pipe myself with what feeds it pulls in.

However, the other cool thing is you can search the pipes and tag them – like many other Web 2.0 applications. Even more, you can get an RSS feed of any pipe or add someone else's pipe to yours (as a source).

This is a great concept because it puts programming power into the end user and lets them customize the feeds they see. Another great example of a “Mashup” or “Composite Application”.

Congrats Chris!

A few years back when I started my business degree I was introduced to these business plan competitions and to actually know (and work with) someone who won one is pretty great.

Looks like the next time I visit Austin the tab is on Chris!

Congrats Chris!

Reference Article from Don's blog here.

My thoughts to those who have fought for freedom

I look back at the seven years I spent in the Marines and it is something I will always be proud of, however each Memorial Day and Veterans Day I can only get choked up when I think about all those that have died so we can live the lives we have today.

I pray for all Marines and service men and women abroad – good luck and do your country proud.

Notes 8 Beta 3 (M5) is now available!

Here is the Notes and Domino 8 product page You can access the beta forums here from the web. And don't forget about the Composite Application blog where there is a lot of good content given each week.

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The Georgian Resort at Lake George

My Mother-in-Law got married over the weekend and they put my family up at this resort. It was a great wedding and very nice place to stay. If we had brought our fishing poles we could have fished right from our balcony.

You can see where the Georgian Resort is with Google Maps here.