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I was searching for some good articles (free information) on the difference between Unit tests and Functional tests. I found what I consider a gem on IBM's developer works. Jeff does an excellent job in distinguishing between the two and gives some great guidelines for how you should think about creating your unit tests. I am a huge automated test advocate. If you do not have automated unit and functional tests then you are exposing yourself to a huge amount of revenue and customer loss due to quality or problems found in the field.

Another posting I found was about why we sell software with bugs. It is an interesting perspective that I also agree with. Not all bugs need to be fixed – otherwise we would never ship any software. What we need is good development and testing practices that help us identify and fix bugs easier – automation. With the complexity of PC's, server's, and network's it is almost impossible to not have any bugs. Do yourself a favor and invest into a solid automation test strategy.


Testing, fun? Really?
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Why we all sell code with bugs
The Guardian

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