InfoWorld has gone 100% Web

Well, it has been over 10 years now receiving InfoWorld in my mail. One of the best magazines I read has now gone completely digital. This latest weekly issue validates the reasons why and I understand but this was a great magazine to “take with you”. Whether it be to the bathroom or on a flight, it was good to have a hard copy.

One thing about online ads is, I actually LOOK at the ads in a magazine and I rarely look at the Ad candy on a web page. Is it really the same thing? Is Google really making $14 billion a year in online ads? I can count the number of times I have clicked on an ad from a random web page.

I can say, however, I have often clicked on a recommended book or product from blogs that I read. I click on them because if I am reading this persons blog then the product is most likely interesting to me also. Anyway, goodbye InfoWorld print and hello digital I wonder if I should frame the last printed mag?

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