Extending the IBM Lotus Notes V8 sidebar and toolbar Article on devWorks

Brian Leonard put together a nice article on devWorks. Not sure how I missed this, it was published on April 10th.

The new architecture of IBM Lotus Notes V8 enables a wide range of new ways to extend and customize the user experience. This article looks at two locations in this environment, the sidebar and toolbar, and discusses how to add functionality by using Eclipse plug-ins.

Check it out here.

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Now that Winter is over we can all laugh…

Here is a collection of some amazing videos of cars sliding on ice and snow.


Testing, Unit, Functional, etc

I was searching for some good articles (free information) on the difference between Unit tests and Functional tests. I found what I consider a gem on IBM's developer works. Jeff does an excellent job in distinguishing between the two and gives some great guidelines for how you should think about creating your unit tests. I am a huge automated test advocate. If you do not have automated unit and functional tests then you are exposing yourself to a huge amount of revenue and customer loss due to quality or problems found in the field.

Another posting I found was about why we sell software with bugs. It is an interesting perspective that I also agree with. Not all bugs need to be fixed – otherwise we would never ship any software. What we need is good development and testing practices that help us identify and fix bugs easier – automation. With the complexity of PC's, server's, and network's it is almost impossible to not have any bugs. Do yourself a favor and invest into a solid automation test strategy.


Testing, fun? Really?
Jeff Canna (jcanna@rolemodelsoft.com)RoleModel Software, Inc.

Why we all sell code with bugs
The Guardian

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I have to admit…

For an Irish white boy born in the countryside of upstate NY I am pretty good at this game. My wife got this for “family time” and I like it because it is actually pretty good exercise and you do not really need rhythm to be good. You just need to have good coordination and keep a beat.

I realized I am not that bad when I got a “AA” on one of the songs on the basic level. Of course I am not anywhere near the scores you see online – but then again we just got this only a week ago. Burning close to 10 calories per song it makes for some fun time and good exercise!

It's hilarious watching my kids do this, I need to take a video of Nathan – its a scream.


The Share Point Trap

The related link below is a pretty good introduction into the Microsoft play in the collaboration space. They plan on getting companies like the one mentioned into their “free” software and eventually trap you into buying more and more software. Eventually getting so embedded into MS products it is near impossible to get out.

I am not saying this is bad but I think all companies should be warned of this kind of trap. This is a primary reason why IBM promotes open standards.

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Want to get all of the IBM developer works blogs in your reader?

Just use this URL and you will get a roller for all of the blogs that use the IBM Roller application.

I got the link from the Roller page.


A week later and it is suppose to be 82 degrees

This weather is amazing. The weekend was near perfect weather – even when it got dark and how it is suppose to be 82 degrees today. A week ago we had almost a half of foot of snow.