Golf Weekend starts today!

Yep, that time stamp is no joke. Driving to Maryland for a golf trip with the cousins. Cya Monday!


The Onion News Network

This is going to be the funniest news network. The show below talks about the troops in Iraq.

They have wands, bags of holding…

Check it out.

Theory of relativity at its best

I got some questions about this video so I thought I would explain a little. These guys decided to let go of a bowling ball from the window of a car going 60mph and watch the ball go up a ramp.

Social engineering hitting XBox live

You think MS support personnel would know better.

Microsoft reversed itself on Friday, confirming that some vandals have likely been able to con its Xbox Live support personnel into giving up users' personal information and assigning accounts to malicious thieves.

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Extending Notes 8 with Eclipse and the Domino API’s

Reason why I did this: from my previous posting; I am destined to use Notes as my home mail client and I simply can not live without mail rules. Remember – Notes does not run mail rules on your client so connecting to any POP or IMAP server will not result in sorted mail.

For the longest time you had to get your code into the corporate mail template (which ends up being a nightmare on upgrades), write all of your logic in Lotus Script or C to extend the Notes client and then figure out how to get it to the clients. I am probably going to put this into a more formal article on DevWorks to show the code and how to build it but I wanted to get feedback first and the information out there as Notes Beta 2 has been released. I think you are going to see a lot more of these kinds of extensions from the community and ISV's very soon.

This took me a couple of nights to put together – just to tell you how easy it is to write cross platform UI in Eclipse and get it to the clients in Notes 8 using Eclipse provisioning.

Now remember, anyone can do this. – well anyone who knows Eclipse and Notes programming…

I added the action contribution to the mail views – just like all of the other icons:

You simply click the button and you get the following dialog where you can select which rules to run and then what folder or view to run them on:

Once you click run the dialog closes and you get the standard Eclipse progress bar showing the status:

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Commodore make Gates and Jobs play nice

I had to post this, I loved Commodore and the fight between Apple and Vista is great.

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