Why do most installs SUCK!

I do not get it, Windows has got to be the worst platform for installing new software. Either that or install software is just that bad. I know in many products installation is very problematic and it appears Norton Internet Security 2007 is just as bad.

First off, I have had the 2004 version since 2004 and I have just upgraded the subscriptions. I saw that I could get 2007 for $10 more and said, what the heck – I might as well. Boy was that a HUGE mistake. First off, I had to manually un-install the old stuff. I figure I would keep the settings and have them for the new version – wrong answer. I go to install 2007 and it says I must download a “removal program” and get rid of the old data also – great, now I have to reconfigure everything.

After going through that exercise I attempt to install Internet Security 2007 and it fails about 80% in. It tells me I have to now get the good old “nortan removal” program again, reboot and try again.

I gave up after 4 tries, I am now pissed and speaking with tech support.

Here is some advice – do not upgrade to 2007, just renew the subscription.


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