Yet another RSS reader (YARSSR)

For those that do not read the eclipse zone news another RSS reader was born today, version 1.3 actually. If RSS readers were a market it would be completely saturated at this point. I just don't get why so many people think we need more readers, especially since 99% of them are FREE!



XBox 360 is in the house

I finally broke down and got a 360. I got the Gears of War edition which came with an extra wireless controller. So far I am very impressed with the 360 – specifically because I can stream any music, pictures or video from my PC's – very cool. And everything is wireless.

At Westford this week

I have been at Westford the last couple of days – good to see the old crew and get some good meetings in. I also saw Letters from Iwo Jima last night, it was the Japanese mirror for Flags of Our Fathers. This is a really great concept for a movie – essentially splitting the sides perspectives into two movies. Bonsai!

Snow…Snow….and more snow

You just have to love snow where I live!

This was snow between snow. I figure I would blow the driveway midday to prevent a larger problem later in the day. As you can see it is not stopping soon and this was noon – in the morning I did about 2 feet.

Looks like no hot tub today!

I think we are running out of space.

The beginning of Balfe Mountain.

InfoWorld: 12 quick IT productivity wins

Finally a good article in InfoWorld, congrats Dan Tynan! I actually enjoyed reading this article, it seems there aren't many of those lately. The main 12 reasons are great but I also enjoyed the sidebar Natural-Born Productivity Killers

* The Slave Driver
* The Juggler
* The Techno-Fixer
* The Hero

I can honestly say I have been all of them – and maybe I am still a couple. The article is right on, eventually it catches up to you.

Norton Security 2007 results

After 45 minutes on the phone and going through an amazing set of steps to insure the old software was removed, nothing worked! The software continued to fail when attempting to install LiveUpdate – so I started digging. I found logs in the Local Settings/Temp directory which showed the installer attempting to connect to and failing – causing the entire install to abort. I simply kept trying until it worked. Apparently the install requires connectivity to the Live Update site – which was down almost all day. The software installed about 9pm last night successfully.