InfoWorld Rant

Ok, I may be a Notes bigot but I also know that Notes has close to (if not more than) 45% of the market share for email in the enterprise. It also has some of the best collaboration applications in the world. Why then did I read an entire article – a magazine even – about Collaboration and not one mention of Notes or Domino?

The January 15th InfoWorld has a “Collaboration Leaderboard” on page 42 and there is not one mention of not only Notes or Domino but no mention of any third party application for Notes and Domino. It is ALL Exchange based!

Jamie Bernstein however, promotes an email system called Gordano – yeah I may have seen some code from that on DailyWTF.

The more I read InfoWorld the more I think Bill Gates has them in his back pocket, no wonder I only read it on the crapper.



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