Property Broker Monitor and Topology Peek

Myself and Chuck Imperato have created two tools we have used
internally to assist in Composite Application Development and
debugging. Since these kinds of applications are defined then
deployed to a server and what Expeditor uses to project the application
is XML it may be difficult to debug what is wrong and where.

I wanted to get further feedback on the usefulness and availability of
these tools to the public. There is current discussion as to
whether or not it will show up in a future release of the Expeditor
Toolkit. At a minimum I can see us putting something of Developer
Works around Expeditor 6.1.1 launch time.

Please respond here or email me with your suggestion/desires.
Thanks Bob.

Property Broker Monitor

This is a real time log of events that occur over the broker. You
can evaluate things like a property change event, wires
enabling/disabling, pre and post action calls and general object
evaluation. Here is a screen shot of the Notes 8 Calendar that
many of you saw at Lotusphere where I have the PB Monitor tool opened
and calendar events are flying by. I selected a POST_ACTION
called event and I selected the Wire object in this screen shot.

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Topology Peek

This is a Composite Application evaluation tool. Since the
definition of a Composite Application is a rather large and complicated
XML file it can be cumbersome to figure out what is in an application –
or at least what Expeditor thinks it has. Of course the original
tools that created the application can also be used many times when an
application comes from multiple sources what is actually on the client
may be different. This tool helps in locating and visualizing
those differences.

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