Lotusphere Wrapup

This was an excellent Lotusphere for me this year. I really feel what I felt in years past with regards to excitement, direction, and most importantly customer approval. The Lotus Expeditor booth got some excellent feedback and some great questions. The biggest customers were actually IBM services working on projects for large customers however there were also much more actual customers visiting and asking how Expeditor fits into the picture versus WMC last year. My AD202 talk has gotten a lot of press with customers and there have been many requests for the presentation – which is a good thing.

The blogging community is starting to see the importance of Expeditor and what it is brining to the table. Jeff Eisen's blog goes on about the plugin model and compatibility between Notes 8 and Sametime 7.5.

In the year to come, my goal is to educate as much as possible on Expeditor, Eclipse and the different services it offers. In my usually post Lotusphere style I am very pumped because of customer and our products!

ps. I do not know how long the IBM->Lotus bitmap I created for my new blog will last but I thought it was cool when I created it.


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