VB 6, Mashups, Comp Apps, and more

Today was a lab day for me at Lotusphere and as always I love talking to customers, hearing their demands and attempting to give them some information that will help them out technically. I was actually shocked to hear how many ISV’s and business partners want to leverage Lotus Expeditor to surface VB 6 applications. Apparently there is much concern about the move of MS to stop supporting VB6 and the applications need to be heavily modified to go to a .NET architecture. The other main topic was surfacing anything and having the components “speak” with each other over the Property Broker. I am really glad I got the opportunity to port the broker from portal to the client – it appears to be taking off like very well and people are really understanding it and its value.

I did however get to spend a couple of hours with the family and we did another trip to Universal Studios – this time taking on the Mummy! This is a great ride and if you get to Universal make sure you hit it.

I just finished the Composite Applications and SOA birds of a feather – yes it is only 8:30am and yes it started at 7am and barely no one was coherent. I certainly did not like closing Jellyrolls and getting 4 1/2 hours of sleep but hey – if you fly with the owls you need to soar with the eagles!

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