Jazz is not just a type of music

After reading the article “Knowledge-Centric Application Lifecycle Management” by Dr. Tieren Zhou I realized I am not so much in the know about collaborative development initiatives in the industry. IBM’s Rational has a project called Jazz – which is an Eclipse based extension for providing collaboration integration with the IDE. You can search developer works for Jazz and find all sorts of hits. The article also mentions Visual Studio 2005 and its team capabilities. Of course I installed the XNA development kit – which is the express version and I really like it. The article is interesting because while these enhancements to the IDE’s are coming – or are out now – many IBM’ers have been doing this type of thing for years using Sametime and VNC. I do like the integration – I just don’t know if I want to know or care who is working on what piece of code any time of the day…


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