Collaborative Development Environments

If you are into collaboration and/or team development methodologies then this months magazine is for you. It is filled with some very good articles.

grady_booch.jpgGrady Booch has a short article (page 10) in Dr Dobb’s this month where he continues his evangelism in the collaborative development environments. While I do not think the environment he suggests exists today, it is getting very close. Eclipse is so open and having Lotus (and IBM for that matter) put most of their eggs on Eclipse you will see plugins that can and will capture collaboration at its best and be compatible with tools like basic Eclipse, Rational Software Architect and Rational Application Developer. Of course some of the new tools coming out – like Composite Application Editor, Component Designer, etc will all be easily integrated into Lotus Notes 8.

The next articles that look very appealing – which I have already begun to read – are the ones in the section dedicated to Global Collaborative Development. It has five short articles with some excellent material. I will be commenting on them little later.


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