The Bloggies are back!

Feel free to nominate my blog for the 2007 Bloggies. I didn’t place too well last year (actually not at all) so I am really stepping up the advertising. I am really trying to get recognized in the following categories for the following reasons:

Best Web Application for Weblogs – Blosxom is awesome and there are not many who use it any more
Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog I mentioned Steve Irwin’s death – God I miss that show.
Best Asian Weblog – I like Pokemon!
Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog – I know many African Americans, I even had one in my wedding party
Best European Weblog – One of my favorite movies is European Vacation
Best British or Irish Weblog – I have both British and Irish heritage
Best Latin American Weblog – I read Latin in Church many times
Best Canadian Weblog – Bob and Doug McKenzie were my childhood heroes
Best American Weblog – Do I really have to say?
Best Photography of a Weblog – There are tons of photos on this site
Best Craft Weblog – My wife thinks I am pretty crafty
Best Food Weblog – No reason outside of I eat a lot of it
Best Sports Weblog – Go Bills!
Best Weblog About Music – I had four postings with the word music in them.
Best Entertainment Weblog – The vote is not out on whether this is entertaining
Best Weblog About Politics – I love Bush!
Best Web Development Weblog – This site has been a pain in my ass with all of the perl and Javascript
Best Computers or Technology Weblog – Need I say more?
Best Topical Weblog – I probably have the most topics!
Best GLBT Weblog – Giving Losers Bottled Tequila was my passion 10 years ago
Best Teen Weblog – I know my site has thousands of teens subscribing
Most Humorous Weblog – Is this funny? Probably not…
Best Writing of a Weblog – I have gotten better…
Best Group Weblog – I think of it more as a community
Best Community Weblog – It is more like a group to me
Best-Designed Weblog – Come on, Blue – how can I go wrong?
Best-Kept Secret Weblog – I still believe my blog is the biggest secret on the Internet
Best New Weblog – It is new – I might actually qualify for this one
Lifetime Achievement – Married 13 years, 3 kids, a dog, a bird, two cats – I think I deserve it
Weblog of the Year – Wooo Hoo, this is what I am aiming for!

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