Wheres i-Technology Headed in 2007?

Some key predictions I found interesting from the article.

JASON BELL – “A slowdown in the AJAX hype”

DAVID HEINEMEIER HANSSON – “ATOM will become the assumed default syndication format

“IE 7 will have a fast adoption curve and so Firefox will cease gaining market share.
The open-sourcing of Java will have no effect whatsoever on Java’s slow decline in favor of dynamic languages (Ruby, Python) and C#.
Apple will no longer gain market share for its desktops and will stabilize at its current meaningless level.”

DAVID S. LINTHICUM – “The success of AJAX drives traditional software back to the drawing boards.
LUCA PASSANI – “JAVA ME will not gain much more ground.”

“Red Hat Will Become an Acquisition Target”

“Microsoft’s launch of Vista will start to prompt hardware refreshes which can be nothing but good for Apple.”

“IT Enabled Services is going to fly high in 2007”
“Growing adoption of Web 2.0 technologies within the enterprise”

The WS-BPEL 2.0 specification will finally be approved as an OASIS standard.”
“We stop talking about SOA and “just do it.”

“Server virtualization is just getting started, and will really make itself known in the coming year.”

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