iPod Shuffle

ipod shuffleThis really is an amazing device. Extremely easy to use, amazingly small and can hold a lot of songs. With a 1GB storage and the size is just a bit larger than a quarter you really can not go wrong. It amazes me how Apple continues to out do itself and the industry in this space.

Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle Metal (2nd Generation)



Article on Property Broker in Expeditor

An article I wrote for Expeditor 6.1 just posted to Developer Works.

Get an introduction to the IBM Lotus Expeditor Property Broker and learn how you can create a component that contributes to the declarative communication offered by the broker. We show you how to wire components declaratively using extension points, the IBM WebSphere Portal Wiring Tool, and the Property Broker APIs.

Creating collaborative components for IBM Lotus Expeditor Property Broker


Yul Kwon Wins 13th Survivor

Yul won but I really wanted Ozzie to win.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever felt bad that somebody didn’t win,” host Jeff Probst said. “It was so evenly matched.”

Wheres i-Technology Headed in 2007?

Some key predictions I found interesting from the article.

JASON BELL – “A slowdown in the AJAX hype”

DAVID HEINEMEIER HANSSON – “ATOM will become the assumed default syndication format

“IE 7 will have a fast adoption curve and so Firefox will cease gaining market share.
The open-sourcing of Java will have no effect whatsoever on Java’s slow decline in favor of dynamic languages (Ruby, Python) and C#.
Apple will no longer gain market share for its desktops and will stabilize at its current meaningless level.”

DAVID S. LINTHICUM – “The success of AJAX drives traditional software back to the drawing boards.
LUCA PASSANI – “JAVA ME will not gain much more ground.”

“Red Hat Will Become an Acquisition Target”

“Microsoft’s launch of Vista will start to prompt hardware refreshes which can be nothing but good for Apple.”

“IT Enabled Services is going to fly high in 2007”
“Growing adoption of Web 2.0 technologies within the enterprise”

The WS-BPEL 2.0 specification will finally be approved as an OASIS standard.”
“We stop talking about SOA and “just do it.”

“Server virtualization is just getting started, and will really make itself known in the coming year.”

Reference Link.


Bills take out the Fish

I can not thank FedEx enough for making a great day at Ralph Wilson Stadium yesterday. The Bills crushed the Dolphins 21-0. The food, beverage, service, parking and the trip in general was great.

Practice makes perfect

It is amazing how the blogging world gets the industries finest to respond and react. This CS student wrote asking how one starts out in programming. Grady responded and so did many others. It made me think how I started and it is pretty much the same as the advice given – code, write more code, and read a lot of other peoples code. I remember when I was working in the military and even at the Bank; I use to live a dual life. I mostly did IBM technologies by day and Microsoft technologies by night. What was interesting was how many times I was able to do something because I knew both. In the military I wrote Ada and Delphi all during my real job and when I went home I practiced writing Windows applications in C and C++, then eventually VB. Worlds started colliding when I worked at the Bank and started doing heavy Lotus Notes and Domino programming in Lotus Script, HTML, JavaScript and Java. I was tasked to write many server side tasks on the Notes and Domino servers and my choice was C++ for speed. Until then I really did not do much “professional” work in C/C++. I was introduced to some cool cross platform development for the Domino platform – which ultimately got me a great job at Iris.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to be in both camps any more and most of my MS Windows based knowledge is a good 5-7 years old. My life lately has been mostly Java, Eclipse and portal technologies and there does not seem to be time for much of anything else – except the never ending design reviews. The good news is, as we all get more knowledgeable and “mature” in our careers we become less dependent on the languages we know and more intrigued in things like software design and architecture.

I am currently trying to enhance my writing and communication skills – something that was never really tasked throughout my career. So my advice to the young developer is just skip development all together and go take some writing classes and off shore the development! (just kidding) But ironically enough I want to write about coding, best practices, testing and architecture. So the only way to stay sharp is to keep reading, writing code, and learning the latest and greatest!

My advice is to read a lot of books on software development. Become an “Expert” in an area, language, or platform. Do the things you “love” to do and success will follow. Do things that are in high demand and money gets thrown at you!