Good book and reference – Rootkits

I was doing my usual browsing of books at my favorite store – Barnes and Noble – and noticed a “cool” looking book that had what looked like a Samurai on it. I picked it up and was immediately intrigued with the content. The book attempts to attract the “would be hacker” by using suggestive phrases on how one could use each of the technical bits in writing viruses. Outside of that, the book is a pretty good introduction to the way Windows (and many operating systems) work under the covers and how software interacts with hardware. It does an excellent job in describing paging, process communication, driver creation and how rings 0 through 3 work.

The book is not for the casual programmer. If you do not care for C or low level system programming then you probably will not find the book very interesting. If you want to know how viruses, virus scanners and system level “application control” works then it is a good read.

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