Some much needed rest

I think Lotus Expeditor 6.1 was a pretty big undertaking and as usual it takes its toll on the many involved in getting it out the door. We are now designing and approving requirements, line items and deferred problems for 6.1.1. This is called our “Hannover” or Notes 8 version because anything new is most likely related to late coming Hannover requirements and many of the bugs being fixed are high priority ones from Sametime and Hannover. While there is a lot of work ahead of us and preparation for Lotusphere is well on its way the last 5 days off and a break from school was extremely refreshing. I am pumped up, rejuvenated and excited to take on Expeditor 6.1.1 and 6.2. I want to get the word out on the platform under Notes 8. I will be following up with some sessions and BOFs (Birds of a Feather) sessions you should attend if you want to understand the Expeditor, Composite App and Eclipse story that will be shipping with Notes 8. The sessions are going to show you how you can use the existing Notes architecture and components in a whole new way. Integrating new Eclipse, Web, SWT and other technology with your existing Notes applications.

Get your Lotusphere ticket and stay tuned!

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