Lotusphere 2007 Quick Picks for Eclipse

I pulled these specific sessions out if you want to understand the Expeditor and Composite Application story for Notes 8. I am mostly focused on application development and Notes integration with Expeditor/Eclipse. Lastly, I also mention several sessions on Portal because that is an entire area of composite applications that is very important to understand.

Jump Start sessions:

A great way to start off the week. Get to know and hear the guys that will be presenting throughout the week and get a quick introductory to the technology:

JMP202 “It Takes Two to Tango” – Learning Java Using the Eclipse Development Platform
JMP401 Introduction to Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and IBM WebSphere Portal

Hands On Sessions:
Great way to learn by doing:

HND102 Building Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes 8
HND103 Developing and Integrating a Custom Eclipse RCP Application into IBM Lotus Notes 8

Even those this is stuff for the “future” it is good to know the directions we are taking both Expeditor and Notes.

INV102 Web 2.0 Trends and Technologies
INV107 IBM Lotus Notes and Domino: A Look Ahead
INV108 IBM WebSphere Portal Strategy: Platform for Business Innovation

Application Development

AD101 Lotus Software Development Tools Strategy and Roadmap
AD105 IBM Lotus Component Designer’s Dynamite for IBM Lotus Domino Developers
AD201 Introduction to IBM Lotus Expeditor 6.1 — the Core of Lotus Rich Clients
AD202 Developing with the IBM Lotus Expeditor Toolkit for IBM Lotus Expeditor and IBM Lotus Notes 8


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