Last posting on bad flights

I have come to realize that I could have an entire blog associated with bad travel problems. This is my last posting complaining about the travel nightmares I have endured. So now what, you ask? Well, my flight Thursday night was completely canceled – after I tried to get on an earlier flight (3 to be exact) and didn’t make any of them. I then had to reschedule for the next day, the only problem is there weren’t any hotels in the immediate area! I ended up getting a room for $250 a night. It came with a beautiful living room, two televisions, etc. My flight was very late and it looks like many people had to reschedule for the next day.

The next day was even worse. My flight to JFK at 8:30am went off fine. Then we circled NYC for an extra 25 minutes – missing my connection. After receiving a free ticket in the U.S. I finally arrived home at 6:30pm. Nice…real nice…

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