Another great flight out of Syracuse

My flight was at 8:35 pm and I checked my flight status around 5:15 on the web and noticed the flight was canceled – for reasons of which were not able to be communicated to me. I call the airline and they state they could not get a hold of me. It is now 5:25pm and the woman says she can get me on the 6:30 flight. The only problem is, I am home, not done packing and the airport is 45 minutes away. That was unfortunately the last flight of the day. The training in Raleigh starts at 8am the next morning and the next flight is at 5:30am. I recharged my Palm Pilot and set the alarm for 3:20am.

I get up, get dressed and go down stairs, I look at the clock and it says 2:28 am. I immediately know what happened. The Paml Pilot’s battery died and I had to reset everything and never looked at the time. I did not account for daylight savings, DOH!

So here I sit at 3:41pm in the afternoon, wrapping up the day and ready to go back to the hotel and work some more – dead tired.

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