Is Web UI the only way to go?

After doing a proof of concept over the weekend I confirmed (with myself) SWT, SWING, AWT and many other UI related Java packages are in deep trouble. Many have said this and many have already made this argument but I have seen it first hand in developing a portlet that uses Ajax patterns and runs off line in the Lotus Expeditor. You see, the greatest benefit of this is the fact the portlet can also run on-line in a portlet application. The web container in Expeditor supports more than just portlets, it is a full http, jsp, servlet and portlet container. It can render compiled JSP’s and can run on several platforms.

So I will go out on a limb and say you need a really good reason to not use WEB technologies for your user interfaces. Using packages like SWT should be a last resort and only needed in the cases where it really makes sense.

Ok, I am now ready for the barrage of emails.

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