Lotus and Source Control

Joel Spolsky wrote about how Microsoft uses source control and how a product from Accurev does this complex branching and merging. I can say Lotus, specifically Notes and Domino, has been doing this for years with IBM’s Rational ClearCase. The screen shot Joel shows for Accurev is almost identical to what has been in ClearCase for a long time. The best thing I like about ClearCase is the fact you can have as many levels as you want. Each team or sub-team can independently coordinate when they area gets merged into the overall product mainline. For a large company I can not see how you could do large systems without this ability.


Logitech Harmony XBox 360 remote rocks!

I bought this remote last night and I am amazed I did not have this little gadget early. You can do a lot of different setups with the remote (activities to be more exact) and each activity can do any number of commands and configurations. For instance I click the “Watch TV” activity and it:

  • Turns on the television
  • Turns on my stereo
  • Turns on my cable box
  • Sets up the stereo for the volume
  • Sets up the cable box for changing channels
  • Turns the TV to the correct Input Source

Product information here.

xbox360 remote

Officially Announced – Expeditor 6.1

Expeditor 6.1 has been announced!

I particularly like the section on the Composite Desktop:


Lotus Expeditor is an SOA-based server managed client platform that helps improve responsiveness and increase productivity by extending composite applications to laptops, desktops, kiosks, and mobile devices. It is the IBM open standards-based competitor to the .NET client. It is both used by and integrates with key IBM products such as WebSphere Portal, Lotus Sametime, Workplace Forms, and next version of Lotus Domino® and also sold as a stand-alone offering.


Good book and reference – Rootkits

I was doing my usual browsing of books at my favorite store – Barnes and Noble – and noticed a “cool” looking book that had what looked like a Samurai on it. I picked it up and was immediately intrigued with the content. The book attempts to attract the “would be hacker” by using suggestive phrases on how one could use each of the technical bits in writing viruses. Outside of that, the book is a pretty good introduction to the way Windows (and many operating systems) work under the covers and how software interacts with hardware. It does an excellent job in describing paging, process communication, driver creation and how rings 0 through 3 work.

The book is not for the casual programmer. If you do not care for C or low level system programming then you probably will not find the book very interesting. If you want to know how viruses, virus scanners and system level “application control” works then it is a good read.

Have A Twisted Christmas

I highly recommend this. I bought it tonight and I have flashbacks of my youth. Outside of the nostalgia they do a pretty good job with the songs – if you like the Twisted Sister sound…

Buy it now here.

Lotusphere 2007 Quick Picks for Eclipse

I pulled these specific sessions out if you want to understand the Expeditor and Composite Application story for Notes 8. I am mostly focused on application development and Notes integration with Expeditor/Eclipse. Lastly, I also mention several sessions on Portal because that is an entire area of composite applications that is very important to understand.

Jump Start sessions:

A great way to start off the week. Get to know and hear the guys that will be presenting throughout the week and get a quick introductory to the technology:

JMP202 “It Takes Two to Tango” – Learning Java Using the Eclipse Development Platform
JMP401 Introduction to Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and IBM WebSphere Portal

Hands On Sessions:
Great way to learn by doing:

HND102 Building Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes 8
HND103 Developing and Integrating a Custom Eclipse RCP Application into IBM Lotus Notes 8

Even those this is stuff for the “future” it is good to know the directions we are taking both Expeditor and Notes.

INV102 Web 2.0 Trends and Technologies
INV107 IBM Lotus Notes and Domino: A Look Ahead
INV108 IBM WebSphere Portal Strategy: Platform for Business Innovation

Application Development

AD101 Lotus Software Development Tools Strategy and Roadmap
AD105 IBM Lotus Component Designer’s Dynamite for IBM Lotus Domino Developers
AD201 Introduction to IBM Lotus Expeditor 6.1 — the Core of Lotus Rich Clients
AD202 Developing with the IBM Lotus Expeditor Toolkit for IBM Lotus Expeditor and IBM Lotus Notes 8


Some much needed rest

I think Lotus Expeditor 6.1 was a pretty big undertaking and as usual it takes its toll on the many involved in getting it out the door. We are now designing and approving requirements, line items and deferred problems for 6.1.1. This is called our “Hannover” or Notes 8 version because anything new is most likely related to late coming Hannover requirements and many of the bugs being fixed are high priority ones from Sametime and Hannover. While there is a lot of work ahead of us and preparation for Lotusphere is well on its way the last 5 days off and a break from school was extremely refreshing. I am pumped up, rejuvenated and excited to take on Expeditor 6.1.1 and 6.2. I want to get the word out on the platform under Notes 8. I will be following up with some sessions and BOFs (Birds of a Feather) sessions you should attend if you want to understand the Expeditor, Composite App and Eclipse story that will be shipping with Notes 8. The sessions are going to show you how you can use the existing Notes architecture and components in a whole new way. Integrating new Eclipse, Web, SWT and other technology with your existing Notes applications.

Get your Lotusphere ticket and stay tuned!