Addicted to problem solving

I hear many times from my wife that I always want to find a solution to her problems and never just want to listen. I realized this last week during the final days of Expeditor 6.1 that I believe I am addicted to solving problems. I just closed a complicated problem in another developers area and for some reason I feel I hit a home run in the world series. This has happened all week long and each problem I fixed I felt great. Why? Is it because I think I am doing my share or helping out with solutions? The Internet seems to think it is mens natural way of dominating…

“Women saw women as better problem-solvers. Men saw men as better problem-solvers” – Management Issues

I have heard that men in general are problem solvers so I searched Google and of course I had a million hits. I read a bunch of postings, articles and information on the web about this addiction and realized that it is not an addiction, it is just nature. So now I will go on an feel good when I solve problems. And if my wife throws this “character flaw” at me in the future I can simply respond that is how men are wired. šŸ™‚

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