You have to love fragmentation

My main workstation is brutally used daily for coding, email, and everything else work related. The biggest problem I have is I have to download new builds almost daily for possibly several streams – resulting in 300-400 MB downloads daily. Over time this has made my hard drive extremely fragmented, almost completely fragmented… Yesterday I started to de-fragment my drive. After 14 hours and kicking it off 3 different times I started to see somewhat good results. One big problem that remained, even after the three de-frags was my Lotus Notes mail file – 4.8GB and over 4700 fragments. By the end of the defrags it was down to about 3100 fragments. Now that my drive was cleaned and I have over 40% free space I ran ncompact -c on my local mail file. This does a full file copy compact, meaning it creates a temporary file to do the compaction – much better than a normal compact.

In the end – my drive has zero fragments and my mail file is in one happy chunk! Now for another week of fragmenting the drive…

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