Bar Scott and Jeanne MacDonald

I had the pleasure of attending an in house private concert in my neighborhood last night. I had never been to something like that except in my younger days when the local garage bands got together. If you like a beautiful voice and contemporary music then you will most likely find Bar Scott a pleasure to listen to. There were only about 12 people in the house and it was a real joy to get such attention from this talented artist. If you get the chance to hear her or buy her CD go for it. I believe you can order her CD on her website.

What was interesting is I was sitting there listening to this lady and realized I could host a party like this for my Aunt Jeanne who is a cabaret singer in New York City. I kid you not when I say Aunt Jeanne has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Our family takes for granted her talent as she sings in most of the family weddings and funerals. Cabaret is definitely a different type of entertainment; this in house party was pretty amazing considering the level of talent. If you ever get to go to a house concert then do it, it may be worth your while. If the entertainment isn’t good at least the wine and food should be. 🙂

Since this is my first music review it would not be prudent if I did not plug my own Aunt. Her CD Company is excellent, her voice is simply amazing. She also has a CD of a concert she did at the Bradston, I am not sure what that one is called. You can find that here.

Just to add color to my site, here are here two CDs:

jeannemacdonald.jpg jeannemacdonald2.jpg

Now I have to get Aunt Jeanne to put on a show in my house!

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