GI bill woes for Veterans

I really do not get people. I know I have mental slips every now and then, but the one thing I do know is when I got out of the military was that I had 10 years to get an education or I lose the benefits. The military clearly states this on your exit interview. I used every penny of that money on education (some can argue it paid off or not) and I am amazed it only cost me $1,200! I wish all of my investments went like that.

Many veterans are unaware that their GI Bill benefits will expire after ten years and just over 50% of eligible veterans use their GI Bill at all. You only have ten years to use your GI Bill from your date of discharge. Since the GI Bill currently pays out over $1000 a month, or $37,000 over 36 months, you could be missing out on a huge benefit.

Reference: Veterans Lose GI Bill after 10 Yrs

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