I wrote software in Ada for over 5 years when I was in the military. I can remember how much fun I had working in that language and I got similar feelings when I started working in Java. What I come to realize is what I really had fun with was the API’s and ease of use of the language. It got me thinking on why I really loved these languages at first and I come to realize that I started to love them because of their high-level API’s and syntax however these are the same reasons I always look down on the languages. My years with assembler and C seem to be very different in thought when I wrote software than the way I think today or even when I was writing in Ada. That thought is probably wrong and I should be treating each line of Java code just as important of every C line (even more perhaps).

I digress, the reason I am blogging today is because I saw this cool product that brings Ada to the Eclipse platform, AdaCore. Many of the new enhancements to Java 5 have been in Ada for almost 20 years. I really can not wait to see what kind of code people start creating with Java 5. Working with generics takes a good architecture and much thought and Java 5 has done a good job in showing how to do them right. Maybe Java really is growing up…

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