A Day at the New York State Fair

If spending a day in Syracuse enjoying the fresh smell of barn yard animals isn’t enough to blog about then the expensive rides and barbecue certainly made it worth it. I will start by saying that having a Friday off on a long weekend was really great (thanks a lot management team!). I had planned to wake up late this morning but the 6:30 garbage men and the neighbors dog barking for over 40 minutes starting at 7am pretty much prevented that. Even though I was exhausted because I can not seem to sleep much lately it was a great day with the family. My four year old loved seeing all of the animals and the video of a cow giving birth sparked some great conversation between my 11 and 10 year olds. The one thing that amazed me was the cost of the rides. On average the cost was $3 for small kid rides (the ones that go 5mph for kids under 6) and most of the other rides were $4 each. This blew me away! I remember when the rides were 50 cents and the good ones a dollar.

Lastly, we had a special guest at the fair today, well actually two. The Clinton’s were there visiting! Unfortunately there were so many people you could not even get close, not that I really wanted to anyway. I also found out there is a Home Brewing competition, which I might actually enter next year. It looks like the Fruit Beer doesn’t have much competition:

HOME BREW – Fruit Beers – Fruit Beer
1st – Seefeldt, Garry A., Wilson, NY
2nd – Seefeldt, Garry A., Wilson, NY
3rd – Seefeldt, Garry A., Wilson, NY

or maybe the Specialty Cider competition

HOME BREW – Specialty Cider and Perry – Standard & Specialty Ciders & Perrys
1st – Awdey, Gary, Eden, NY
2nd – Awdey, Gary, Eden, NY
3rd – Awdey, Gary, Eden, NY

Watch out Gary and Garry!

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