Looking for input on a linux server

I will be setting up a new Linux server in my house used primarily for a file server but also for testing and development. I want it to be pretty fast CPU wise and of course hard drive access wise. One requirement I want is a fast wireless connection as I will most likely put it in my basement away from my hub. I may just end up putting an access point down there but would really just like to put a wireless card in the box (and of course have it supported by RHEL).

Any pre-configured machines that are PC like in price (1-2K) is desirable.

So in a nutshell:

  • Fast Wireless card? (108+ mbps)
  • Hard drive recommendations? SATA? Brand? RAID?
  • Fast dual core CPU? What’s the best buy?
  • Access points? I use Netgear primarily in my house.
  • Any other cool things I should consider?

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