Getting noticed by management

This InfoWorld article caught my eye and when I read it I was surprised to read things I hear a lot from other developers (both peer, junior and from other companies). I fortunately have a great manager and he tells me how much I am appreciated and also gives me advice on interpersonal issues or techniques with dealing with problems and people. I think in general a manager should be constantly doing both (praising and assisting) their employees. If you are a manager and are not doing this in frequent one-on-one’s then you are simply dropping the ball.

Though they wish me well, they don’t seem to care that I’m leaving. One company didn’t take me up on my offer to train my replacement. (I was concerned the ball would be dropped when I left, and I found out months later that I was right.)

Lastly, if you are a peer to someone or work with someone closely and do value their efforts, make sure that is well communicated to your manager and their manager. This will make sure the people you rely on stay in your network and your reliance is not hindered when they leave!

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