IM as a Unified IM Platform

Good article on explaining why Sametime 7.5 is going to be a big hit.

Marshak envisions what he calls the “extension model,” which will allow companies to broaden the IM paradigm through plug-ins. Sametime is built on top of the open source Eclipse platform, which makes it relatively easy to build in all kinds of corporate plug-ins. For example, a location-awareness plug-in looks at a user’s IP subnet and compares it to a set of known locations, which matches the IM to a Zip code. Then the buddy list appears on a Google map via a Web service mashup.

This is the exact reason why Hannover will be such a huge success. Lotus Notes is now going to be open as a pluggable platform where ISV’s and companies can now extend Lotus Notes in ways that could not have been done before (unless you were a Notes Guru).

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IM as a unified collaboration platform

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