DDO Bugs and wasting my time

In the grand scheme of things playing video games while entertaining for the short term is really a waste of time. I do enjoy some good clean fun with many of the games I own and DDO has been a lot of fun. Having said that, I am really pissed about what happened last night. I have been trying to get my level 6 rogue to level 7 for some time and last night I was playing the Stormcleave quest with a full party (a very well rounded party actually). We get almost to the end, after about 45 minutes of play, and the quest log says we have one tower to activate left. We then spent the next 15-20 minutes looking for the tower and we finally counted them and realized they were all on. We opened an in game ticket for a game master to look at the problem. After another 45 minutes of chatting with them they then say they can open the gate but we will lose all experience for the mission. Needless to say I was even more ticked off because now I have almost 2 hours invested in this and I am about to lose the 7K experience points we racked up. The story ended on a bad note. I did not get the experience and I did not even gain a single rank.

It is great they have these “in-game helpers” but if you can not do a basic thing like grant XP or properly complete missions because of bugs then what good is it? I mean, I am there to have fun and gain XP. If I can not advance my character then I see no reason to play D&D. I am so upset I feel like canceling the entire subscription.

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