Having fun in the sun

Lotus NotesHannoverSoftware Quality This week is very slow for me on the computer. Vacation is going great, the weather has been amazing and outside activities are ruling the vacation. A lot of swimming, golf and some casual yard work. The fourth was great, we sat in a location where we could actually see 3 surrounding towns fireworks (the Home Depot parking lot). Outside of pulling a back muscle trimming the bushes the week has been great so far.

I read some interesting stuff in Infoworld the other night and was going to blog but just didn’t feel like sitting down on the PC. The one thing I must say is that quality has always been a precedence for Lotus Notes and the upcoming Hannover is no exception. The we eat our own dog food model is well accepted and a focus on test and documentation have been at its highest in years. Daily quality an internal deployment of daily builds is considered a critical must for Hannover and beta is still a good month a way.

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