A day at the U.S. Open

After playing golf with my cousins on Saturday and losing my shirt to them it was a relief to see professionals come back to earth and struggle the way I do on a golf course. Of course I never play a course with 6 1/2 inch ruff or play a course where the distance is over 1000 yards more than the average course I play on. When they say “these guys are good” they really mean it.

Outside of one annoying observation the day was a fun and amazing event. I got to see Lawrence Taylor in the field (with me) and we got in some great positions to see some amazing shots. The one bad observation was Charl Swartzel’s caddie smoking a cigarette on the sixth hole and he proceeds to throw it on the ground and put it out with his foot and worst of all he leaves the cigarette butt in the picture perfect fairway, ugh. Of course since Tiger was out (which amazes me that for my first U.S. Open Woods doesn’t even make the cut, what are the chances of that?) I was rooting for Mickelson and Duval. I followed Duval for a few holes but after only being at +10 by number 7 it was pretty much over (or so I thought). Then I got to witness another classic Mickelson choke. Just like everyone else in the world besides Phil we all were thinking, just par with an iron off the tee and walk home the winner. But NOOOO, he had to pull out the big boy and slice it left. He should take lessons from Olazabal as he was in the exact spot and was able to hook it around the tree effortlessly to get out of trouble.

The 4 hour drive home was long as we were dead tired but once we got some Roy Roger’s chicken in us we were good to go!

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