Blinking an SWT Label in Eclipse

I was playing around creating a monitoring tool for the WED Property Broker and thought how neat it would be if the information for the registered properties and actions blinked when acted upon. You see in property broker property changes and the calling of the wired actions is 100% declarative so if you have a bug in your meta-data or components are not acting correctly it can be a bit of a pain to figure out where it is going wrong. I combed the Internet looking for some sample code and found none! So here it is, on the Internet. I created it using basic UI threading techniques and encapsulated the call into a single method. You can change the delay to get slower or faster blinking.

Click here to see the code.


Baby Eagle is murdered by siblings

Wow and I thought I was bad to my brother when we were younger. You can watch the baby bald eagles on one of the most popular web cams on the Internet here.


Referenced Link:
Web-Cam Baby Eagle May Have Been Killed by Siblings


Notes is Just There

From Ed Brill’s site:

Don’t I know that. My favorite example is a large customer whose IT steering committee only approves projects over US$100,000. Since most of the company’s Notes projects are done for less than that, the IT steering committee has no sense of how strategic Notes is in their environment. It’s absent mindshare because it’s just there, quietly doing its job.

This is exactly how it was at my last job with the bank. When I got put onto the technical steering committee Lotus Notes was not even considered a viable platform for serious development. The steering committee was shocked when they heard how many applications and servers where in the environment. When I left there were 150 servers, 22K Notes users and hundreds of applications.



My daughters softball team was just crowned the champions of Whitestown Girls Softball! After 10 innings of solid play (7 innings normal play) the game was finally called because of darkness and both teams were declared co-champions. What was interesting was the best batter on Kayla’s team was being intentionally walked and after the first two pitches were rolled in the coach called the batter to the side (which is her daughter). The batter then proceeded to go back to the plate and golfed the next pitch into the outfield! It was amazing and the other coach was shocked. That tied the game and the rest was history.

Congrats Kayla!


Our last fish is dead

Less than 8 hours after posting my fish tank was clear Jack (our Jack Dempsy) died. He looked perfectly healthy and believe it or not he was actually getting his vibrant colors back. These last 4 months have been terrible for the tank as all 6 fish have died. I am not clear what did it but I really need to figure out what went wrong.


Steve Ballmer on stage techno remix

Are you a developer!

What could possibly make Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s onstage antics even better? A techno remix, of course!

Check out the clip here.


Fish tank is finally clear!

This was crazy! Between work and all of my pet problems it has been a tough 2 weeks. My fish tank had some serious bacteria that caused it to be completely cloudy for over 2 weeks. I finally took most of the stuff out, cleaned and let the tank get clear. Trust me when I tell you I tried everything.