Object Solutions-Chapter 1 Update

Object Solutions I finally got to the point where I could start reading this book. Work has just not given me too much time to do other things in my life lately. Enough about that; this book has really started with a bang. The very first chapter has already made me realize how many teams really do things poorly or simply execute with bad decisions. The chapter is filled with quotable lines, one of my favorites being:

However, in truly calendar-driven projects, decisions are made primarily according to what is expedient in the short term.

As a result, completeness, quality, documentation, and conceptual integrity must suffer.

I find this quote interesting because all too often I see projects attempt to master milestones and essentially let the overall architecture slide from milestone to milestone because massive cost cutting measures are taken to “get the milestone solid“. Grady also followed up later in that chapter with this line:

As a result, organizations that are always under schedule pressure usually have lousy morale.

There is a ton of excellent information and if the rest of the book is anywhere near this I am going to love it.


Object Solutions, Managing The Object-Oriented Project, by Grady Booch

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