Go HP Support!

I bought my daughter the HP Slimline 7220 back in January and over the weekend it just stopped working. I did not get the extended Best Buy warranty so I started digging on the HP site and found they have a 12 month full replacement warranty. I felt a little better. I then did all of the basic debugging things to the PC and figured out either the motherboard is bad or the power supply is bad. I could not test the power supply because it looks like a special modified ATX plug and the pins are a little different, so the pin 13 jumper method didnt work.

So I get online to HP’s chat support and I needed to step back and let the guy do his job and just answer all of his questions. After a series of questions he concluded the power supply was bad! Now we were on to something. The immediately starts asking for shipping information (which amazed me) and then when I get done giving him that he states the power supply should arrive tomorrow! I was blown away.

And what really blew me away is I chatted with him around noon yesterday and FedEx shows up at my door at 8:40am this morning with the power supply. I quickly took the pc apart and installed the power supply and used the computer happily ever after.

The End

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