Early Morning Golf

For the last two days (Saturday and Sunday) I have gotten up at 5:20 to be on the golf course by 6am. Some people may think it’s crazy (and even I had my doubts) but I have to admit the experience is really golf at its greatest. Both days were incredibly peaceful and relaxing; walking the course with no one in front of you holding you up or behind you pushing you or hitting into you. You see this is where nature and sport mix; you hear nothing but early morning bird calls and possibly see an occasional deer or two (or 5 like today) and the smell of freshly cut grass is all around you. It was such a great feeling walking outside in the nice green meadows with a touch of dew slowly leaving the grass. I have been struggling with my swing all year so far (yes it is still early) and for the last two days I shot in the 30’s for one of the nines. I was thinking maybe it is just my swing coming back but then I realized the perfect setting I played in each day most likely had a lot to do with it.

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