The Millionaire Next Door

Book Cover This was an eye catcher in the airport when I was waiting 5 hours for my next flight (after missing a leg because the airplane was 45 minutes late). I certainly have ambitions of being well off in my later years (and sooner would also be nice) so the flashy “More than two million copies sold” and the dollar bill cover sold me. I had a lot of different thoughts going through my head as I read this book. Each page made you think about choices you have made in life and you quickly do the analysis of whether you are “on track” or not.

In a nutshell this book is excellent for people in their teens, 20’s and thirties. If you are in your 40’s or higher you may just get pissed off seeing that you probably missed something financially along the way. I know I have to make some minor adjustments in order to meet their criteria but I also think the book presents some rather extreme cases. I guess they are all possible but if you have half a brain you should not end up in the bad side of the book. I was seriously shocked that I did in fact make some pretty good decisions early in life, however, it appears the major decisions I made were completely against the book. I did not go to college directly our of high school. I served in the Marines for seven years. My family has been a single income family for over 90% of my marriage – also against the statistics. And I have never been an entrepreneur – high percentile of millionaires are entrepreneurs. I do save aggressively however I plan on making more IRA contributions for my wife; I also do 100% of my own finance and investment. I have owner the same cars for 6 years and 3 years – a whole chapter was dedicated this. I do think paying for my kids first degree is extremely important and will hopefully do so – meaning I do now think a college education is a huge leap and even a Master’s degree is just as important. The key point I took out when comparing my success to those in the book is I have passion for what I do. It makes me good at it because it is fun. I can not learn enough about computers and software engineering. I would rather read technical books than books like this (just look at my book list…). And I just happen to have a career in a time when software engineers are paid well…for now. I am also fortunate to be working for what I consider the best software company in the world – arguable to any Microsoft people. The book keys on all of these things and it is a great read.

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